EAST is coming!

All sorts of excitement is coming your way for this years EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR!

mer folk colored crop

When: Nov. 14, 15, 21, 22    11am-6pm each day

Where: Pump Project Art Complex (and many fine studios all over Austin)

Why: For the love of art and cookies

How: Pick up a map from one of our various local libraries (free), or purchase one from Big Medium. Grab a friend and voyage all over town taking in the great art.

What: There’s tons of great stuff to see, but here’s what I’ve been up to:

A lot of my attention this year went to my 80 Days of John project (wherein I spent 80 days doing a drawing a day to create a complete illustrated version of the book of John). I spent several months on the creation of the paintings, and then several more months putting the images into a book format and self publishing the printed version. This book as well as my coloring books will be available at EAST.

I continued with smaller daily paintings for the last several months (many of which can be seen on my Instagram @audreylopata). These tiny originals will be on sale along side my prints as an inexpensive way to take art home with you during EAST.

If you’re wanting to see me and chat about my artsy year, I’ll be there every day except Saturday the 14th (when my studio will be looked after by a friend whilst I am away). I look forward to seeing you guys and sharing my art!

Overcomeprogram smallflower small



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