Coloring Books Nouveau

I’ve finally finished up my new and improved: Fairies: a fantastic coloring book!

Here’s a preview of the cover:

fairies new cover

and here’s one of the new fairies, that makes the coloring book that much more fantastic.

fairy coloring

And then there is my dear friend: Love Cake, a coloring book so ridiculous, I’m not really sure what to say about it. Here’s the cover…

love cake cover

And an excerpt from the inside..

love cakepage

I’m reeeeeally close to being done with this one too, sadly I’ve lost touch with the english language and I find my editing skills to be absolutely atrocious.

So the words are holding me back here….sigh.

Hopefully i’ll get it finished up so that I can get both of these printed for EAST, coming up in 2 short weeks!!!!


One thought on “Coloring Books Nouveau

  1. Colleen says:

    I LOVE your coloring books and the ideas behind them!! They are really refreshing to see and something not only kids would enjoy (specially the love cake one).
    But yes, I did noticed a few…odd English phrases … Get an editor!! It doesn’t matter how good you are at a language, it always pays to have someone else to look over your work to make sure what you are saying makes sense to people outside of yourself. I know this from personal experience as my own English has gotten wonky after years of living in Japan!

    I hope to see more coloring books with stories soon!!

    with love ❤

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