Welcome Spring

Ok, I know everyone thinks their weather is the weirdest where they live. But let’s be serious. Austin was weird to begin with, and now it’s being weird even by its own standards. What is this water falling from the sky? What is this feeling that seems to be something besides hot? If I hadn’t grown up in the midwest, I’d be completely lost. However, I do believe we’re experiencing a season called spring.

In another bizarre turn of events I decided to make a painting specifically for a frame, not the normal visa versa. For one thing it gave me a chance to work on something less dramatic and serious than the ol’ Bible illustration I’ve been working on. Also, it was a really great frame (I’ll have to get a picture of it once I find a camera to borrow). Anyway, here’s the painting, I call it “Welcome Spring”:

welcome spring 2

Because I had another great frame I touched up a painting that I did over Christmas. Mostly this was an excuse to play with my new watercolor postcards and gel pens, so that’s why it’s sort of mysteriously Anime and weird. Still, I like it:
welcome spring

They’re both about post card sized paintings, which was fun, but kind of makes me want to paint very large paintings now. We’ll see what happens.


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