The Haunting of Pease Park

Sometimes when you stay until the veeeeery end of a bohemian potluck party, when dark has fallen, and there is magic in the air…

This painting was inspired by some midnight hiking I did with my friends. I told them they looked like modern-day nymphs wearing their glow-sticks and bohemian garb while frolicking around and singing mysteriously. I thought I would just do a quick color study of them to play with the idea of dark night with a light source of glow-sticks. Silly me- this took FOREVER, and still doesn’t quite inspire the same magic or mystery that I was going for. Also, it did not scan well. Enough complaining though, it’s nice to have such beautiful and frightening friends,


and here’s a close up on Laura, since I think the painting of her turned out best

creepy Laura


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