John 1, new and improved?

As you may recall (or you can observe here ) recently I was playing with some digital color for my Acts 12 story that I illustrated many moon ago. I think this must be at least partially to blame for my reawakened interest in doing some illustration from the Bible. I mean, it’s the Bible! It’s so epic, full of intrigue, adventure and poetry and endlessly depth, how could I not be inspired?

Thus: I thought to myself “So what if I wasn’t happy with the way my Acts 12 story turned out? I will try something new!”

Thus began my exploratory journey. One of my first inspirations came from the poem at the opening of John. Or is it a poem? Literary people, you tell me! It’s at least a lot more cryptic and metaphorical than the more straight shooter and oddly snarky style of most of the rest of the book.

Here are some sketches and another attempt at playing with color:

page 1 whole page page 2 whole page








page 2 crop

page 2 crop 2















Now, I’m not sure that this is on the path to being any better than Acts 12. I can’t help but feel that I may not actually be improving, but actually getting worse. I still feel positive about my concepts and ideas, but my ability to take them to a place of completion and clear communication seems to be slipping. None the less, I will keep trying! There is more to come, most definitely!


One thought on “John 1, new and improved?

  1. Claire says:

    Aaaah, I really like it! What cool concepts.

    This is kinda inspiring; I should try to explore some scripture through art.

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