The Minature Guide to Magical Creatures

mgmc mermaid close

Within these pages you will find a breif guide to magical creatures. I have included a few of my own notes and sketches, but I have left room for your observations as well. There is always more to discover, so start exploring and have fun.



Back for a limited time! I created this little booklet for the Craft Riot around this time last year. I loved the idea of a pocket sized coloring book full of whimsical magical creatures. Unfortunately, I decided to cut out all the pages individually and assemble the book myself. This turned out to be rather arduous, and I must have forgotten how annoying and time consuming it was the first time. But I won’t forget again! Thus: I have assembled several of these and put them up on Etsy

And when they’re gone they’re gone. Some of these images may come back in another version of this some day, but this is it for version 1.0. Sorry for all the complaining, they really are cute, and if you want a stocking stuffer or small gift for under $5, this may be the thing for you!mgmc unicorn






Speaking of Etsy, I’ll be heading out of town soon, so if you were thinking of ordering some coloring books of prints, now is the time to do it. Like, right now! Yay for last minute notice! ORDER IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS BEFORE THE SHOP SHUTS DOWN FOR THE SEASON!!!!

Order in the next 24 hours and I’ll send you some bonus wintery cards for freeeeeeeeee!


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