Acts 12 Revisited

After my recent revelations concerning the brilliance of pencil sketches being digitally colored I had another ah ha moment. I thought to myself: self, do you remember that acts 12 book you drew and spent hundreds of hours on , shading in pencil, and then in a fit of annoyance with the final product, sent the only printed copy to Lucy in the Czech Republic?

I did.

You, my dear readers, most likely don’t, due to the  previously noted annoyance and thus the lack of posting here.

But then I thought: perhaps with a bit of digital color the whole thing could be improved tremendously. And thus the experiment began.


I still had all the scans lying around collecting digital dust on my jump drive, so I pulled out this image of Rhoda eying some ominous Roman guards…











and I added some color:











Here’s a close up oh Rhoda:











and I was kind of thinking that it all looked a bit smooshy and mushy, like it needed perhaps some more definition and solid lines.

So I dug out the original and fearlessly penciled and painted it up, with this as the new colored result:











and another close up on Rhoda (less smooshy):











It probably would have been a more scientific experiment if I’d actually colored them the same way each time. As it stands, I’m really not sure which I like better, and I’m not sure if that’s because of the color or the lines. I’m not at all opposed to collecting other ideas on this.


Anyone have any thoughts? Opinions? Which one do you like better?

and here’s one more dramatic close up comparison, for science!



7 thoughts on “Acts 12 Revisited

  1. Claire says:

    Maybe it’s just that I have a particular affinity for cartoons, but I like the bold lines better. c: Which one is easier to do, digital or traditional? Which takes more time?

  2. dominic says:

    I like the the not-so-smooshy version, but from my interpretation, you did that all non-digital? Which, I guess, means it took longer to do?

    I also like the non-colored first image, though maybe with a smidgen more contrast….

  3. jen says:

    I find I like both for different reasons, so I may be of no help. I like the softness of the right but the definition of the left.

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