Work, Work, Work

I sometimes like to complain about how I seem to be working one of my various jobs at every moment of every day. But lets face it, I have some pretty great jobs that allow me to unleash my crazed creativity on the world. I will highlight for you today 2 such jobs.

1. Being a Bananarchist

If you’re anywhere near Austin TX, you need to check out Bananarchy, a frozen Banana stand of epicness

The other day I drew the mona lisa with chocolate on a frozen Banana


Also, I drew a new promo for our latest Banana invention


I was using somewhat bizarre materials for the creation of this, so please excuse it’s messiness.

2. Gallery Member

I’m also part of a fun co-op gallery in Georgetown TX. Every first friday of the month they encourage us to switch out our art, and have something of an opening, complete with snacks, wine, and crowds of art enthusiasts. It’s happening tonight, but happens every month, so if you’re in the area, check it out!

Here are a few new prints that I will have available tonight, and into the future!



So happy Labor day (belated!) and happy weekend (less work maybe?)


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