Photomerge is a Modern Miracle

an example of a less great scan

I had been procrastinating scanning some of my pen and ink drawings for about 4 months when I finally decided to face my fears and try to piece then together. They were both rather large and it took  5-6 scans each to capture. Trying to piece them together was just as bad as I feared, if not worse. It took hours, they still didn’t look very good, I almost cried, I contemplated giving up art entirely, it was very sad.

Then my lovely, talented friend Marsha Riti said that she would give me a lesson on how she uses photomerge to put together larger images. This worked so well and was so simple, I have decided that I can still be an artist. Here’s how it works:

1. Scan your picture using as many scans as necessary to fully capture the image, including some overlap on the sides.

2. Open the image pieces in photoshop ( I believe CS5 or 6 work best) and orient them so they are all facing the same way. Then save the pieces and close them.

3. While still in photoshop go to: file –> automate –> photomerge

4.  Choose the “Auto” option and also using browse, select the files that you just saved

5.Then you click “ok”, the computer thinks about it and voila! A beautifully put together image.

Now obviously this is not a world class tutorial, but hopefully it’s explanatory enough that you too can not hate scanning!

Here are the other images that I ended up being able to scan:




















And then, since I had a new lease of life as an artist, I played around with coloring in photoshop for many hours today. This is yet another thing I could use a lesson in. I’m much more of a pen and paint artist. Yet, it was nice to play around with color without messing up the original. Here are some of my experiments:




















































Happy Olympics and have a lovely weekend 🙂


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