Misc Art Things of Possible Interest



Thanks to Laura letting me use her computer (with a card reader) I finally was able to retrieve some documentation. So here’s a few notes on what I’ve been up to in recent artistic history.


1. That paining:

Trying to paint realistically is quite a challenge. Here it a step by step photo demo of me trying to make this poor girl’s face look less like an alien.

Alas, I failed to take a picture of the whole thing when it was completed. But it is still up all this month at the Georgetown framer’s Gallery, so check it out if you’re in the area!

2. Lessons and Carols

I was delighted to get to collaborate with my friend Clair on an illustration project for the Lessons and Carols program at Hope Chapel. We were contemplating Mary’s thoughts as she dealt with the trials and tribulations of that really bad rode trip to Bethlehem. It got kind of silly as we were brainstorming, here are a few examples of our doodles:

Just say no to attack beards









freaking out!









that random emo guy judging Mary and Joseph












3. The Wall

Also at Hope Chapel I am working on a growing wall mural for advent. Here is phase 1

4. A dress

Last but not least I got a commission for a doll dress which I just finished up. Here I Dolfein in the dress communing with the magnificent golden snail

To see more of the magical dress check it out on etsy:





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