Craft Riot is coming!

The craft fair explosion of the holiday season is nearly upon us! I’ll be joining the frenzy in about a week and a half at the:

Craft Riot Holiday show–> Nov 12 and 13th

At Marchesa Hall, Austin TX

I’m going to be hosting a craft for the kidos (and anyone else who wants to make fairy cats) as well as be introducing a few new products. Here’s a preview:

The miniature guide to magical creatures












The miniature guide to magical creatures! This is a mini- book I made for the giveaway bags they’re distributing to the first 50 or so people who come to the show. I may be selling them too, we shall see…













Wow, that color looks interesting online….

Anyway, this is a preview of the new coloring book I hope to have done for the show. It’s based on the Grimm’s fairy tale “All Fur” and has lots and lots of pretty dresses. Hopefully it will be splendiferous!

I’ll update again as the show gets closer. but in the mean time, mark your calendars and save the date 🙂


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