Pecan Street Fall 2011

I’ve got several shows planned for this fall and winter, but the very first (probably) will be:

Pecan Street September 24-25

There will be several exciting new things at this show from the land of Audrey Lopata Illustration.

First of all it will be the debut of my new coloring book “TOO MANY CATS?”











For those of you who simply cannot wait a week and a half, or for those of you outside of the Austin area, I have installed a handy-dandy “buy it now” button on the right  side of this blog. So voila, anyone can enjoy the magnificence of cats and cats and too many cats.

Also, at pecan street I will officially be announcing my new project to the general population. As a promotion I will be handing out some rather good-looking post cards, which I will show you the front of as a sort of teaser trailer:

so mysterious...what could it mean?











But I’m not going to give away any more details yet 🙂

I’m also going to have some new business cards which honestly aren’t that good-looking. Not even worth posting here XP

So come find me at Pecan street and find out what else is new!


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