Interveiw with a reasonably famous person


this may be a picture of Dallion himself...

So here’s the story:

I sometimes hang out with this really cool and fun group of Illustrators in Austin and we talk about illustration stuff and generally have a good ol’ time.

Well, somehow or other we decided that we’ll all probably be famous someday and people will probably be clamoring to interview us. So we thought we’d get a head start and interview each other.

Thus I was given the task of interviewing Dallion. As it turns out that he is already famous and interviewed for winning the SCBWI logo contest. Still, I thought maybe he could give us some tips on dealing with fame and still have an artistic tip or two for us mere mortals.

Lucky for us, he did! And so without further ado, da da da da Dallion:

Q and A with Dallion

1.       I noticed SCBWI already beat me to this interview, on average how often would you say you’re interviewed?
Awww… you could have been my first, but sorry to say, you’ll always be number two.
2.       On a scale of “Brad Pitt” to “not” how famous would you say you are?
I’m about as famous as my Grandma’s apple pies. Which is to say: I’m only known by friends and family; everyone else is just missing out.
3.       Do you have trouble with the Paparazzi? How do you deal with it?
Oh yeah, I have trouble with the Paparazzi all the time. Like the other day I saw a bunch of them, but they wouldn’t take my picture! They were like, “Who are you?” and, “Stop touching me.” I couldn’t believe it! So I’m going to become anorexic, pick up a coke habit, and have Johnny Depp’s love child. That will probably do it.
4.       If you could have some art time any artist living or dead, who would it be? Why?
Probably Vincent Van Gogh. It would be the experience of many lifetimes traipsing around 19th century dutch and french countrysides, watching the master smear manic gobs of paint on magnificent canvases. Hanging out at Salvador Dali’s mansion, drinking absinthe, eating hallucinogenic mushrooms, and translating the subconscious into visuals would be pretty awesome too. I dunno. Maybe if I go crazy enough some future artist will answer “Dallion” to this exact question. Better get working on that.
5.       When is your favorite time of day for drawing?
I tend to draw in the mid-morning and early evening. That seems to work for me.
6.       When you’re in creativity doldrums, what do you do to rekindle the spark?
Usually just force myself to sit down and draw something… anything… even straight lines or abstraction. If I can doodle long enough to forget the “poor me” ego trip, then the process becomes enjoyable again. I think enjoyment is key to creativity, but you can’t force yourself to enjoy something. Instead you have to try and remove whatever is keeping you from being present.
7.       What’s the best advice you ever got from another creative on art or art-making?
Sorry to say, I don’t have an answer for this. I’ve heard so much advice and read so many self-help-books-for-artists, it all just blends together. But if I did have a touching story about some wise old artist sitting on a mountain top, it would probably have something to do with letting go. Though I’m still a long way from achieving that.
8.       If you could take a field trip to the world of a book, which one would you choose?
Not sure, but it would probably be a Dr. Seuss book. There would be so many different creatures to meet, and it looks as if you could bounce around the landscape like a giant trampoline!
9.       Any new projects in the works for this fall? What does the creative future of Dallion hold?
I’m beginning to view the year as Summer and Winter. Winter is when you get down and produce some art, and Summer is when you travel, recharge some ideas, and perhaps grow some food or build a cabin or something. There’s no telling what the future holds, but I’m working on my first full picture book right now, and I have the inclination to make an interactive app for tablets. Ideally this will be done soon, by the warmth of the fire.
10.   What is the most annoying question you’ve been asked as an artist?
Probably the Paparazzi one. But it forced me to exercise my creative muscle, possibly growing my creative capacity. Thanks Audrey!
Check out more of Dallion’s work and that other interview at:

4 thoughts on “Interveiw with a reasonably famous person

  1. Brad says:

    Awww the artistic mind, always irreverent and entertaining. Great interview, the whole world is awaiting Dallion’s future masterpieces. For now the apple pie gang will be cheering you on!

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