Audrey vs. SXSW round 1 and 2

The time is finally upon us! It’s officially South by South West, and as it is one of the biggest deal things to go down in this already fairly a big deal city, I thought I’d get myself involved. This weekend I’ll be selling my art and such at the south congress market, by Hey Cupcake! That same place that their normally is an art market. Also, I have new cards that I made for something team Etsy Austin is doing, and I have some greeting cards involved in their wall of wow project. I actually don’t know where they’re making camp, but if you’re already exploring, you might find them. They’re doing a bunch of really fun things this weekend 🙂

Happy SXSW to all! Either be there and enjoy it, or stay as far away from downtown as possible because it’s going to be madness!


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